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Developing At the Zenith

So you have a problem...

You may need a simple website or a full-fledged web application. You many need software to produce, analyse or model data. You may even need both. In any case, I would love to hear from you. I have experience in a variety of different fields, programming languages and frameworks. So I may be able to solve your current issues and save you hiring a team of people to do a job. If this sound like you then continue reading or skip to the details of my services.

Web Development

I develop react and node web applications. React allows me to produce fast, highly interactive user interfaces for a variety of different purposes. Node allows me to build the backend of your application quickly with the versatility to create anything you need.

I am not a designer by trade but my development skills allow me to get the most out of modern browsers to impress your users.

Data Analysis

I can understand most advanced mathematics and physical systems to quickly solve any problem you currently have. This may be implementing numerical methods to solve differential equations or perform CPU intensive data analysis.

Additionally, I can often produce equations which describe a range of systems before any analysis is performed.

Finally, with years of development experience, if you need a piece of code debugging then I am always happy to help.

Creating your web application in three simple steps


I start with producing a static wireframe of your site for you to approve. This includes designing you a logo for your business which can be used for business cards, stationary and other paraphernalia.

I design every application to say something special about your business and since I never use templates the sky is the limit on what we can build together.

I focus on making your brand memorable and professional looking on all devices.


Most of my websites are single page applications so I can create complex user interfaces easily.

I link most of my websites to custom made backends. Which gives me the flexibility in adding functionality to your site.

With my background in mathematics I can manage any complex data you have, I'm able to build applications which analyses your data and then displays it in an approachable way.

I only build fully tested and documented software. This allows you to easily upgrade your site in the future.


I take security seriously, this is why I include SSL certificates as standard on all my websites.

Most of my websites are hosted on digital ocean on a docker droplet. This reduces your hosting cost by only paying for what you use.

Every website I build is fast, content rich and designed to maximise your Google rankings. I use a range of tools to achieve this and every website goes through checks to make sure your achieving your advertising goals.

For your long term goals, I setup and teach you, or your employees, how to use a range of tools, such as Google analytics, Adwords, or any other tool you desire.

Designing Software in Three steps


First I need to get a handle on the problem you currently have. You need to give me a quick explanation of what you want with a link to the current code base you are working with.

This might be single page of details and a link to your current github repository and require me to synergize with member of your current team.

Once I have a grasp of what you require we can decide on a set of goals to achieve in an allotted time scale.


I will begin to complete the task set. Current progress can be constantly tracked on github or any other platform you use for code management and issue tracking.

I allow for goals to change as the project progresses but this must be in keeping with previous goals and can't be additional requests

Additionally, I document all my work as a standard and will even put this documentation online for you if requested. This makes your life and the life of your future developers easier.


It is mutually beneficial to me and my clients for my work to perform well over the time scale you require it

Therefore, I guarantee all my clients that I will not ignore any future concerns my code base my cause.

This includes follow up meeting if you need me to pass on my work to any future developers you may have.

More Details

Custom Design

It's important to design your site to be memorable and professional

Mobile Optimised

Make sure every user gets the best experience possible



How I Achieve This

    Social Media

    Allow the world to share your website

    Search Engine Crawlers

    Get the highest ranking possible

    Search Engine Optimisation

    Search Engine Optimisation

    How I Achieve This

      Load Once View Anywhere

      Allow your users to work with your site offline

      Push Notification

      Advertise directly to users

      Service Workers

      Service Workers

      How I Achieve This

        Existing Services

        Save yourself time and money and don't reinvent the wheel

        Create a Service

        Create, Read, Update and delete any information.



        How I Achieve This

          No More Loading

          Once your app has downloaded your ready to go

          Manage Complex State

          No limit on how complex your site can be

          Single Page Applications

          Single Page Applications

          How I Achieve This


            Make future development easy


            Develop quickly and effectively

            Version Control

            Keep up to date version of your website which works with anyone

            Development Process

            Development Process

            How I Achieve This


              Keep all your users information safe to build a professional and high ranking site.


              Interact with your app securely anyway you want.



              How I Achieve This

                The Solution.

                If you would like to learn more about me or my previous work, or think you would benefit from any of my services then send me an email.