Alexander Morton Software Engineer

A list of topics I have written about, contributed to or plan on writing about. The links include social media postings, research papers and the odd resource I have stored locally. Hopefully of use to myself and anyone of interest.

Test Beam Evaluation Paper

Test beam evaluation of newly developed n-in-p planar pixel sensors for use in a high radiation environments.

Exotic Resonance Physics Paper

Search for a new resonance decaying to a WW or ZZ boson and a Higgs boson with the ATLAS Detector

Higgs Boson Pair Production Paper

Search for Higgs boson pair production from bottom/anti-bottom quark pair final states at the ATLAS detector


EUTelescope 1.0: Reconstruction Software for the AIDA Testbeam Telescope. This note outlines the inner workings of EUTelescope.

Timepix Sensor Paper

The Timepix Telescope for High Performance Particle Tracking. My contribution was synchronization of events.

Track Fitting with GBL

A poster which gives an overview on how I integrated GBL with EUTelescope.

From EC2 to Fargate

An informal medium post which quickly goes through some of my work with AWS Fargate

NodeJS Logging

An informal medium post setting up request based logging with NodeJS

AWS ELK Cluster

An informal medium post setting up an AWS managed elasticsearch cluster