Alexander Morton Software Engineer



A nerdy Glaswegian is how I would describe myself. This means I can sit quietly with a book and also decipher the infamous Glaswegian patter. I have lived in Glasgow for most of my life but been lucky enough to travel and live in many other places.

I received my 1st class Masters in Theoretical Physics from the University of Glasgow . This gave me a deep understanding of many different aspects of physics. It also provided me my first software development experience working for the LHCb and ATLAS experiments at CERN. This work being purely a data scientist role for particle and solid state physics.

After this I moved into web development with a focus on javascript for the frontend and backend. This then lead on to building cloud based scalable infrastructure for different businesses in a devops role.


I still love data analysis in any form, it's the scientist in me. However, I now know I also love to build the tools scientists use to store and compute those values at scale. I have been lucky enough to have the opportunities to indulge my interest in both areas and I hope to continue to do so.

I also like beer, motorcycles, chess, poker and road trips.